GE Trans is a program that allows you to translate German texts into English
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Many people in this world are facing problems in translating German language to English. For all those Germans who don’t understand English, it is a great headache as English is wide spread and considered as the universal language. For all such worried people, GE Trans is there to help. GE Trans is an excellent software tool which is very effective in translating from German language to English. GE Trans has a huge collection of German words in its database which helps it in the required translation. This database of GE Trans has got vast collections containing all sort of words which includes words used in day to day basis, formal words, technical or scientific words, high level literature words and many more. Moreover, user has got the power to add words to its database thus expanding the words limits as well as increasing their convenience. The final output translation is not the fully completed one but it could be refined to final form very easily. Lots of options are available for users to format the fonts and style which makes it a favorite software tool among users. Many shortcuts keys are also available. It makes the work for user easier.

Manoj Goel
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  • Translates from German to English.
  • Huge database.
  • Attractive formatting options available.
  • Freely available.


  • The final outcome is not the pure translation.
  • Not compatible to LINUX platform.
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